Pleasant musings on the domesticity of writing

The thing about being a writer is that one day you'll look down and find that you've built a dinky little house right in the middle your chest. It's got all the nice white planks that neatly line up, a fireplace, even a dog. It's also got the ugly holes from when you didn't really … Continue reading Pleasant musings on the domesticity of writing


Starr with two R’s: intro to Bonnie Bones

background brief: Having suffered a terrible defeat, the Intergalactic Force are looking for a more domestic approach to hunting down the mysterious owner to the pseudonym: John Doe. They employ Kormano, a human who's never been to earth, to deliver the case to Bonnie Bones, a down on her luck detective who is willing to … Continue reading Starr with two R’s: intro to Bonnie Bones

Character Vignette: Pip (just Pip)

Practice for the character Pip At Age Eleven Subject matter: Reprieve delay the impending punishment or sentence of (a condemned person). relieve temporarily from any evil. Level one: Abstract Pip never considered himself an ordinary child, what with not having any parents at all and being raised by two men and a small girl. … Continue reading Character Vignette: Pip (just Pip)

Holy Spit

Sometimes I imagine rain as a great big accident on God's part. Particularly when it rains when the sun is out like God had turned on the big ball of gas for the day and hadn't gotten the memo that a visitor was scheduled. On those days, it seemed that God was just drinking from a tall … Continue reading Holy Spit