Blogpost spotlight: Makoko Floating School

Architecture has always been the connection between human culture and the environment that surrounds it. For a very long time, architecture meant taking the environment and conforming it into a state that we deem beautiful. In doing so, we fail to recognize that nature itself can be its own beautiful shelter. The innovative result of … Continue reading Blogpost spotlight: Makoko Floating School


short fiction: Carefree

"You're a pretty one aren't you?" Anita cooed to the pigeon in her hand. Wide eyed and heart pounding, it jerked its head away from her fingers. But as soon as an offering of bread was presented, it settled back into her palms once again. Anita peered at it, and the pigeon trembled. "Well, off you … Continue reading short fiction: Carefree

A Jar of Waterfalls – a poem

    Written for the Daily Prompt: Glass It used to be a jar of marmalade that hadn't quite forgotten the stickiness that was their wedding breakfast. They cleaned it up and traded it for a promise of treasure and adventure. The jar sat on their shelf collecting laughter and  reflections of dances under fairy lights A nickel for Santiago … Continue reading A Jar of Waterfalls – a poem