Study break

The good things in life are hard. and that includes being happy and successful despite the illness. It includes the illness too. It is hard to make myself lovable, hard to talk to people, hard to not hate myself. But those things are good and far surpass my desire to off myself just because life … Continue reading Study break


to all my sad friends

Hello. I just need a small particle of your time and then you can journey on to the rest of your way. Here is a campfire prickling under a canvas of stars. Or here is a hole in the wall sort of bookstore that only you and one other person in the world knows about. … Continue reading to all my sad friends


Anheart came down into the world with one perfect occupation. She must have Fran Helsworth of Greenwich Ln. encounter a red velvet shoelace on the cobblestone corner of a small Irish town when the woman is exactly 42 years 3 months and 16 minutes old. When Anheart was born, Fran would not be born for … Continue reading Anheart