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       The germination of this blog actually happened years ago, in a tumultuous land called the early 2000’s. I was watching a show called Doraemon, a Japanese children’s cartoon about an average boy and his mechanic cat. The trope of the show was that the cat had a pocket from which he could whip out any oddities or fantastic technology (not unlike Hermione’s magic clutch and much like the strange gadgets the Japanese still tends to come up with nowadays). Inevitably, the gizmos in the hands of a ragtag team of adolescents stirs up trouble (oftentimes of world-shattering implications), and they had to figure out a way to save the universe once again.
One such fantastic gizmo was that of a simple slice of bread. To use it, you press the bread onto any form of text and then eat the bread. After a few minutes of digestion, you absorb every bit of information that you were able to cram onto that tiny carb pancake. Now our protagonist met with the consequences of overdosing as a means of cramming for a history test, but from these simple terms I saw something far more interesting.
Although I have now forgotten the details of pretty much every episode that I watched , this scene seems to always stick with me.  Little by little, I began to realize why such a simple idea speaks so much. And finally, I came to this conclusion-

Information is consumable.

We read and learn by eating  words-an idea that exists in the midnight chats we hold with friends, within the parental scoldings that make us (we reluctantly admit) better people, and present in the generations of history passed down by mouth. In the course of human history, stories and writings were made to be absorbed, digested, and enjoyed. Nowadays, we want to consume as much information as possible in the most minimal amount of time. Between 15 minute lunch breaks and ever changing fads, we fail to take the time to reflect on and truly enjoy the taste of what we just had learned. Learning, storytelling, and writing should allow us to have a more wholesome mind.

So, I wanted to present this thought in a new light. On ink and toast, I hope to serve new information and stories on delightfully simple platters.  I want to bring out the best of which I  share with you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a little morsel of some very interesting ideas.