Weathered salaryman scrubs soul into violin

The weather outside is delightfully dreadful. I'm in the coffee shop where I tend to write my best/ most wordy posts. Mood is bittersweet. Exotic. Something November. I've been a bit lonely these days even though I'm surrounded by wonderful friends and a heartfelt roommate. The best cure for loneliness, I find, is to find … Continue reading Weathered salaryman scrubs soul into violin

October 13, 2017- witches

  On this fragile October night, when even the gold of the fallen leaves had skuttled into the shadows, there appears a lone wisp of a figure. Her top half was a little too heavy, and her bottom too thin. Her hair was the color of a long eternity which she measured with a yardstick … Continue reading October 13, 2017- witches

Necessary endings

It is here I bid Adieu to friend of feeling I so admired I don't look back as you swim out to sea lost between this watery waving message transpired.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I close the book on my fourth journal today. Even though I still had a few empty pages left, I felt that the … Continue reading Necessary endings