The side hustle: a new beginning

It all began with a dream.

Like most dreams, everything makes a lot of sense until you wake up. When you’re dreaming and you’re actively running from bullets or jumping like Totoro through a forest (true story), it seems as if you being punched in the face or you finally getting your make out session with that really cute guy is actually the most convincing plotline ever. When you’re dreaming, everything is worthy of being the Next Great American Novel, even if  you’re actually still dreaming and knows that everything is hogwash.

(I mean, honestly, that guy was like waaayy out of my league).

But I HAD A DREAM (snickers), and it kind of made sense. So, I woke up, cold sweat dripping from my brow, because I was there, and I had died. Got shot in the head. It had hurt, damn it.

Anyway, so I woke up and I wrote it down. I took a long look at the story I had just wrote, prayed for all the characters I had killed, including myself, smiled and then went back to sleep.

The next day I told my dad over dinner what I had done.

I dreamed a murder mystery dad.

Why are you coming up with murder histories?

Dad, Murder Mystery. Mom how do you translate murder mystery in Chinese?

Ooh, like Sherlock Holmes.

Kind of, but more people die. It’s more like And then there were None.

I don’t think I’ve seen that movie.

Okay dad.

My dad is smart. He’s excellent when it comes to math and logic. However, concerning the illogical state of writing let’s just say…

I forgot about it.




Three months later, something miraculous happened.

I jokingly told my dream to my friends, and they looked at me wondering why I was being stupid and deadpanned in their don’t-give-a-shit-best-friends kind of way.

That’s actually not bad.

So my friends, my lovely, beautiful, incredible friends, and I have decided to expand upon this story. We realized that there is just so much more to tell. It wasn’t hard for them to convince me with their genius anyhow.

So, here we are, three peas in a pod. It’s going to be an incredible journey, and I do not know where the journey will take us. We’re going in blind, like the three mice, you know from that one children’s rhyme. Oh and Shrek.

Perhaps we’ll get published. Perhaps we will make it big on wordpress. Perhaps we’ll be abducted by aliens and be worshipped by the masses as the next J.K Rowlings. But, it may be possible that we’ll just end up having a semi-completed novel from many a lunch chatting away doing something wonderful together. And you know what, that may just be the most perfect scenario my little mind can come up with.

Follow our journey at:


And yes, that is tree not three. You read that correctly, old age has not treated you that poorly my friend.

Salutations lovely reader,




2 thoughts on “The side hustle: a new beginning

  1. Look forward to reading more! It’s special when you do a project with friends. We wrote our book together after nearly 50 years friendship and it was awesome fun!😊🐻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a life! I can’t wait until 50 years of friendship has passed for us. I agree, writing with friends is intensely special. Writing does become such a lonely task. But writing with friends is like a conversation, and from my experience, it never really ends.

      Liked by 1 person

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