10 minute drabble: Slurred lines

" Dan is a window washer for the Emperium Hotel. If you did not know, the Emperium Hotel is the one famous for being really really tall. Last year, the Emperium added its very last floor. They tacked in the final lightbulb amidst a fabulous celebration complete with grand cocktails in glass that reached the … Continue reading 10 minute drabble: Slurred lines


10 minute drabble: Rhythmic 4

"The last one is happy. I promise. Spring is here. Says the sign on the wall of God's desk. 'I better call the weather man, schedule an appointment for the mural.' He called Sunset. Who brought Flowers. They in turn hired their friends Lemonade and Sandals. Allergies called in sick. But she sent tin cans … Continue reading 10 minute drabble: Rhythmic 4