Red ink- 30 days of daily writing (day 6)






5 thoughts on “Red ink- 30 days of daily writing (day 6)

  1. As a student, you learn to fear the red pen. If you ever saw your teacher bring it out, you knew someone was going to get ripped apart. When I became a teacher, the very first thing I bought for myself was a big red pen, and I kept it in my breast pocket during lectures. It’s definitely a mark of battle. Whether it is the artist fighting back the empty void, the vacuum of un-creation, or a teacher violently battling years of poor grammar and instruction.

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      1. I probably need you to fix the grammar in my writing to be honest. Would love to see some red marks on this piece given how many mistakes I just saw on a second reading. Haha the joys of writing by hand.

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        1. But that’s specifically why you write by hand. The honesty of it. The integrity. Even the mistakes are part of the art, unique to this medium. Typed compositions are…clean. Sterile. F7’d and checked. Computers don’t bleed. I forget where I saw it, but there was a great piece that showcased the handwritten notebook pages of famous writers and they were pockmarked by revisions, scratches, and sometimes even personal notes on the struggle. It was beautiful. When you type, you write, but when you WRITE, you speak. I hear a voice in this!
          Oh also, keep soldiering on! Come on, 30 days, you can do this!

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