(sustainable living)The library of things- 30 days of daily writing (3)


You’ve probably never heard of it, and it sounds kind of stupid.

But the library of things is really quite a remarkable invention.

Instead of books, it is a library of things. Check in and check out, then return with either a fixed sink, a hoovered floor, or a digitally documented trip to the sea all without having to pay a cent for the items needed for any of the above.

Why has our society not thought of this sooner?

Oh right, the joys of capitalism.

So, if kids and adults in Sacramento can essentially borrow GoPros and 3d printing machines, what would happen if we extend that to other communities?

As a case study, how about we look at a community close to my heart- the university.

Wouldn’t that be a grand idea?

A list of items that would benefit college students as things in a library of things

  1. A car
  2. A television set
  3. Tools
  4. A vacuum
  5. A rice cooker
  6. A waffle maker
  7. A guitar
  8. A fan
  9. A sewing machine
  10. A blender
  11. Game stations
  12. Video games
  13. Tents
  14. Sleeping bags
  15. A dry-cleaned interview outfit
  16. Coffee grinder
  17. folding chairs and tables
  18. Boardgames
  19. An iron
  20. Dumbells
  21. Pet supplies – not including food or other impossible to return items
  22. Plates, cutlery, tablecloth
  23. Umbrellas
  24. Baking trays
  25. Pots and Pans
  26. Bike
  27. Extra cups and mugs
  28. Hair dryer
  29. Luggage bag
  30. A keyboard
  31. Rulers, measurement tapes
  32. Camera
  33. GoPro
  34. Drone
  35. Speakers
  36. Microphone
  37. Microwave
  38. Flashlights
  39. Party decorations
  40. A Barbecue grill
  41. and more!



A list of items college students wish were things in the library of things

  1. A flawless resume
  2. A Bachelor’s degree
  3. A friend
  4. Sleep
  5. Motivation








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