Can I do this?- daily writing for 30 days (1)

Amidst the impending days of long nights and even longer to do lists, I have sent myself an ultimatum. Get good at writing or else.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but this is the truth I must face. It’s hard sometimes, I get it, for most people (including myself) to stick with a series of goals. To make matters worse, the fateful New Year Resolutions we slap onto our mental schedules often slip off like the post it notes they are when the stick becomes, well, unfavorably unsticky.

I’m kind of tired writing my life goals and dreams on post it notes. I don’t assign eating and sleeping the discardable identity like I do having a healthy body and a dream skill. So, yea, I guess I’m tired of writing my writing on post it notes. I’m tired of making what truly matters some of the most discardable things in my life.

So the ultimatum is simple:

Write or fail.

It’s that simple. For 30 days, I will treat writing (and other things) as essential to my survival as sustenance and thirst.

Write bad. Write well. Write on paper. Write on my blog. Write a poem. Write an article. Write a book (I wish). Just write and keep on writing and writing and writing.

Hopefully, by the end of this challenge, and the smoke clears, I will be able to look down upon the work I have done and be happy to see that I have climbed higher than I have ever anticipated prior.



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