When life gives you writer’s block,

Write about your own life:

Life update:

I wrote two other posts prior to this, but have decided to keep them private. They ended up bitter, angry, wrong. In other words, amateurish.

I meant to post something, because I needed to post something. A blog post is like a pair of training wheels in the times of a writer’s block. You’ve just got to get it out there so that you still can conclude that at the end of the day you can still write.

I didn’t write anything creative. But, I wrote some philosophical words. I wrote some self-doubting words. I especially wrote a f*** ton of curse words (although they were highly uncensored unlike this one here).

And now I feel a great deal better.

If this inane blog post was to get any viewership at all, at least you can take away something from this pointless post.

Bullshit philosophy, self-loathing, and curse words counts as writing too.

There you go, lesson learned.



2 thoughts on “When life gives you writer’s block,

    1. What a delightful journal! I especially liked the part about the lemon juice and x rays, and of course the distinguished placement of such an article at the edge of a blank page 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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