Burnt Toast

“Wow,” says the first astronaut.

“Shit,” says the second.

The two stood side by side looking down at everything below. They saw everything, because there was nothing to hide. In a moment, their ship will fly through the wall of an atmosphere, leaving them alone for two weeks. They watched it go until there was nothing left but a pillow of grey. When their ship was gone, there wasn’t anything left to watch. So they looked out into the great expanse once again.

“When they sent us on an expedition to Earth, I really thought that we’ll seeĀ something crazy, you know. Like storms of fire, showering meteors, Heck, mutant worms. I even told my kid that I’ll take videos. ”

The second astronaut kicked a pile of grey that looked exactly like the pile of grey in the sky.

“Yeah, it sucks. I didn’t expect burnt toast either.”



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