Twinkle – a collection of poetry


There is no collection of stranger things than when I write poetry at 2 in the afternoon.




Two facets are more beautiful than one

Among shattered men and women

there is still the possibility of a glimmer



Theater props

To say that the cosmic stars are

any reflection

of the laws of our universe

I find it hard to believe

the wandering


deities of matter

are really the same pin holes I see

like the ones in plaster across my  bedroom wall

made pretty by

a curtain of canopies.


Light goes through the pinhole

either way

So to the physicists, the philosophers, and the cosmologists

of this side

do I see them

or do they see me?




Tickle me pink

because I hear

Twinkle-toes is coming back to town


je ne sais quoi

pardon my French

but I must tell you that

you’ve got a twinkle stuck in your teeth




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