Black mirror



We trust so much of our lives to these glittering screens. But what will happen when these screens and their endless distractions, just … stop working? When our dashing advertisements, video games, Netflix accounts, social media, and internet throws us off the grid rather than onto it. When our phones, TVs, computers, tablets, and ATMs flicker to a stop.

All that would be left is a telling reflection of us, addicts in the beginning of withdrawal.

So, can you see it? This is us. Real people who find themselves suddenly at odds with a reality absent of the glow of shimmering pixels.

We will return to the basics of fire and stone. There we will find ourselves stark and naked like prehistoric times, yet now we are infinitely more vulnerable.

So, this is the new us. This is the newly evolved Homo Sapien. And this is our era crystallized and preserved in these quiet black mirrors.

For the Daily Prompt:Confused


9 thoughts on “Black mirror

  1. Bit of a theme in these last couple of posts, defining who we are by our electronic possessions. Nice work!
    By the way, have you ever come across the Black Mirror series of dystopian dramas originally shown on Channel 4 in the UK? I think you’d like them; very dark, very clever.


    1. Yes! I honestly don’t know where this spurt of dark technological inspiration came from. I most definitely did watch Black Mirror, and I loved every minute of it. It was after watching the series that I was compelled to write the Black Mirror prompt. That happened about half a year ago. I just found the piece again and revamped it. Half a year later, and I guess I’m just feeling the vibes again. I guess that is a sign that I should rewatch the show. I really wish that it updates!

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