Flash Fiction- These things we carry

I've always wondered what would happen if our young'uns would have to go to war. Our generation has always been criticized as that of self-indulgent brats. So, what if the world imploded and we got ourselves stuck in an era devoid of electronics? How would we change? How would we react? What would surprisingly remain … Continue reading Flash Fiction- These things we carry


Black mirror

  We trust so much of our lives to these glittering screens. But what will happen when these screens and their endless distractions, just ... stop working? When our dashing advertisements, video games, Netflix accounts, social media, and internet throws us off the grid rather than onto it. When our phones, TVs, computers, tablets, and ATMs flicker to a stop. … Continue reading Black mirror

Book Review and Discussion: Me Before You

Genre: Fiction, Romance Author: Jojo Moyes Length: 369 pages My rating: 6/10 (5 points for plot, 1 bonus point for its ability to convey the subject of disability and the multifaceted controversy of assisted suicide) Synopsis Here is a wonderful summary written by the bookmaiden at bookmaiden.wordpress.com: " Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows … Continue reading Book Review and Discussion: Me Before You