Procrastidoodle – Zootopia

2016-07-11 17.11.10 (1)

I woke up today, sat down at my computer, and prepared to write a response to the Daily Prompt. Usually, I would read a few of the entries from other bloggers and then magically I would come up with an idea to write about. Today it didn’t really work out like that.

For a while, I couldn’t figure out what to write. Then when I did come up with something, I couldn’t bear to stick with it, feeling that it wasn’t good enough.

Frustrated, I just quit.


There was an entry in my sketchbook from a long way back. I had haphazardly drawn it in a crazed fit of inspiration after I saw the Zootopia movie for the very first time. Blown away by the intricate world and culture the creators had made, I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and the city that they live in. Most of all,  I had an illogical urge to know what Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde would look like if they were human. (For those of you who had watched the movie, don’t tell me that that thought hadn’t at least crossed your mind at some point.)

So, I remastered it today, and inked it up a little. It turned out fine, for the most part. Judy looks a bit wonky, but who really cares. For those that watched the movie, I hope that you may appreciate this little fanart that may quench that burning question that I know you’ve all had.

So, ta for now, I’ll be back again with some real posts soon!


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