Breaking the inkwell- art again


For the daily prompt: Desert

It has been a very long time since I drew. Really drew.

Recently I’ve felt inhibited, forced, and uninspired.

I’ve actually come to resent the art, which stemmed mainly from taking painting classes over the summer.

The fact was, I really stink at painting. As a beginner, I should expect the failures. Instead, I ended up turning them into personal whipping posts along the way.

The more I was required to draw, the less and less I put my heart into what I was creating. Yes, I  was making art, but I missed the urgency, the necessity to put the vision that was in my mind onto solid paper. It has been two months since the ink failed to flow, and the sketchbook that I used to carry everywhere felt like a book of failures. For a while, it was only desert.

I never believed that I was a great artist, but I’ve always needed to draw. Sometimes, I invent stories on paper, but they always play like movie screenshots in my head.

Today, I found it again. I guess inspiration really comes unexpectedly, and no doubt that the muse is very fickle. Nevertheless, I’m truly grateful for a chance to draw again. To really draw. Uninhibited from judgement, separate from consequences, and inspired once again.


Doodle series No. 1 : the ballerina series

cameringo_20160710_223910cameringo_20160710_223431 (1)


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