What the eye can’t see

For the daily prompt: Darkness


She grew up in a dark room.

Darkness so greasy

that she sometimes had to count her blinks


There were chairs and tables and beds

but they were just black forms against a black background

She would sit there with the others

and they would listen to each others voices


Sometimes the doctors came

she could tell from the crinkle in their coats

and the smell that they bring when they walk in

sharp and alcoholic.


They would ask them to do things

followed by scratches against paper

Each time

they asked her to see

what was in front of her

but the room was always too dark


One time she got mad

told them off for making her try to read

even though they kept lights always off.


“Why won’t you just turn the lights on?”, she asked.

her doctor paused

voice almost sad when he replied

“we will-

-I promise.”


She wasn’t sure what that meant.


It was a very big room

which was why she never met him before

She’s been here since she was 2

it took 14 years to find Joseph.


They fell in love

the moment they spoke each others names.


“Nice to meet you Joseph, my name’s Angela”


-what a pretty name.”


From then on they were inseparable

Joseph and Angela


When people talked about them

They became one word


They shared jokes

confided in each other

whispered their fears and dreams

cried together.


Joseph said that he loved her mind

she was quick

and her tongue was silver

Joseph thought Angela was poetry.


Angela said that she loved his voice

it was wild and unpredictable

just like his imagination

Angela thought Joseph was music.


She told stories

He sang for her


The doctors came and went

there were dark tests and darker paper

Yet it was all fine

Joseph and Angela didn’t mind anymore.


Until one day a  very strange thing happened


People began leaving.


Without explanation, the doctors gave out dates and times

soon after

friends began disappearing.


One night,  wrapped in each others’ arms

Angela asked Joseph where he thought everyone was going

he didn’t know, he replied.

then he swept away her worries with a kiss.


The next day, Joseph asked his doctor the same question.

To which she simply said

that it was time to turn the lights back on.


Joseph and Angela were scheduled for the same day at the same time.

Their friends had told the doctors about the nature of their relationship.


When the time came

Joseph and Angela were walked out of the room

and into an equally dark hallway


They were led into chairs and told to relax

Something heavy was placed on their eyes


out of nowhere a machine started humming

suddenly the world became





Angela caught herself blinking too much

not sure if 56 was an acceptable number

and although her eyes were awfully blurry

they could finally see.


Angela looked around.

It was all very dizzying.

A blanket looked much different from how it felt,

She was surprised by how many things she didn’t have names for.


When Joseph called her name, Angela felt flickering joy so painful she was afraid of bursting right there and then.

                                         her eyes watered.

Angela has never been happier.

                                       she turned around.

The both of them cured!

                                        Joseph pressed his hands against her face.


How perfect would it be?


Just the two of them.

Against this bright, new world.

                                       The blurriness faded.

 And the images of each other shot into crisp clearness,

Finally, they saw each other for the very first time.


Joseph and Angela paused.


Their hands dropped, and they looked away.

In front of them was a complete stranger.


Neither really expected, nor… imagined



How could they know?


he was lame

and she was ugly.


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