July 8th- WO update

Today, I’m definitely taking a WO shower.

It’s mainly because I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted. It’s also because my hair is getting pretty nasty. But the truth is, I’m washing my hair, because of this.

Last night I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that a swarm of flies took refuge in my hair, right in the greasiest part at my crown. It was mind- bogglingly horrifying as I ran through my school hallways (although I wasn’t sure why I was back in highschool-  I guess that’s just where all the bad things happen) screaming to get the relentless buzzing out of my noggin.

I think I may have even cried a little.


Besides that, I’m not going to let this silly dream mess around with my head. I’m still stubbornly going WO. I just really need a shower – preferably today.

I didn’t scritch or brush my hair with the BBB which would have really helped with the absorption. However, my hair isn’t as oily as it usually would be during a wash day. Plus, it’s not like I really needed a wash. It’s just….


So happy Friday! TGIF right? ( haha what am I saying? I’ve been stranded at home all week), and I would love to know your experiences if you do decide to start WO. Let’s start a community!


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