Mina on Emerald Isle

The outside world was far too pretty for Mina’s heart. If she were to step outside, her heart would race a hundred miles a minute and then burst inside its heavily guarded muscle. If she were to dance outside or jump and run her hands over the foxtails that grew in the dip around the … Continue reading Mina on Emerald Isle


Weathered salaryman scrubs soul into violin

The weather outside is delightfully dreadful. I'm in the coffee shop where I tend to write my best/ most wordy posts. Mood is bittersweet. Exotic. Something November. I've been a bit lonely these days even though I'm surrounded by wonderful friends and a heartfelt roommate. The best cure for loneliness, I find, is to find … Continue reading Weathered salaryman scrubs soul into violin

Necessary endings

It is here I bid Adieu to friend of feeling I so admired I don't look back as you swim out to sea lost between this watery waving message transpired.   ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I close the book on my fourth journal today. Even though I still had a few empty pages left, I felt that the … Continue reading Necessary endings